Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

What is the best solution for storing items that are prone to damage in harsh conditions? Temperature-controlled storage units can carefully preserve delicate objects by maintaining a clear temperature range to avoid harmful fluctuations. Discover different self storage solutions near you with Secure Self Storage in Clinton, UT—featuring state-of-the-art indoor amenities for your precious belongings. Read through our guide to temperature control to see how you might be able to benefit from renting a storage unit!

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I. Defining Temperature Control

II. Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Storage

III. Items Frequently Stored in Indoor Units

temperature-controlled storage units

What Is Temperature-Controlled Storage?

Temperature-controlled storage is a type of storage facility equipped with heating and cooling systems to maintain a consistent temperature range within the unit, typically between 55°F and 85°F. This feature ensures that the internal environment of the storage unit remains stable, regardless of external weather conditions. It’s designed to protect sensitive items from the potential damages caused by extreme temperatures, providing an ideal solution for storing goods that require specific temperature conditions to preserve their condition and integrity.

A step above the standard drive-up storage unit, these indoor storage solutions can help you store you valuables and rest easy knowing that even delicate items are protected for your return.

How Is It Different from Climate Control?

While both temperature-controlled and climate-controlled storage aim to protect sensitive items from damage, the key difference lies in humidity control. Temperature-controlled storage focuses solely on maintaining a consistent temperature range. In contrast, climate-controlled storage also regulates humidity levels within the unit, in addition to temperature. This dual regulation is crucial for preventing damage from moisture, making climate-controlled storage particularly beneficial for items that are sensitive to both temperature fluctuations and humidity levels. Talk to the experts at Secure Self Storage to see if temperature control is right for you.


What Are the Major Benefits of Renting Temperature-Controlled Storage?

Whether you are a small business owner, a homeowner, or a renter, having access to a temperature-controlled storage space offers significant benefits. The environment can keep even your most sensitive items secure.

  • Protection from Extreme Temperatures: By maintaining a stable temperature range, these units protect stored items from the damaging effects of heat and cold.
  • Preservation of Sensitive Items: Temperature control is essential for preserving the quality, functionality, and appearance of items sensitive to temperature changes.
  • Increased Versatility: These units can accommodate a wide variety of items, from household goods to business inventory, offering a flexible storage solution.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your items are stored in a temperature-regulated environment provides reassurance that they are protected from temperature-related damage.



What Sensitive Items Are Best Protected with Temperature Control?

Certain items are particularly vulnerable to damage from temperature extremes and are better suited to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. When it comes to storing these items, it is better to be safe and ensure that you are doing all you can keep your belongings in excellent condition. If you are planning to store these items, consider temperature control for your storage unit:

  • Artwork: Heat and cold can damage paint, canvas, and frames, altering the appearance of art pieces.
  • Cosmetics: Heat can spoil or alter the consistency of beauty products.
  • Electronics: Devices and appliances can malfunction or degrade when exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Musical Instruments: Instruments can become detuned or damaged when subjected to temperature changes.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Many medications require stable temperatures to maintain their efficacy.
  • Wine: Temperature stability is crucial for preserving the quality and taste of wine.
  • Wooden Furniture: Wood can warp, crack, or swell due to temperature fluctuations.

By choosing an indoor storage unit, you ensure these sensitive items are preserved in the best condition possible.


Need Storage Soon? Check Out Secure Self Storage in Clinton, UT!

When you need to be certain that your most precious items are in impeccable condition throughout their entire time in storage, temperature-controlled storage units are the most secure solution for you. No matter the size of your storage load, Secure Self Storage is equipped to handle whatever you need. Plus, our month-by-month leases provide the ultimate flexibility, so you can adjust as your needs change.

Take a look at our available temperature-controlled storage units online to find a good fit. Refer to our quick storage calculator and expert tips for insights that will help guide you to the best storage unit for your specific needs. At Secure Self Storage, we make it easy for you to find the perfect space!

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