RV Storage: Save Time & Space

Do you have an RV that’s just eating up your driveway space? Enter RV storage from Elite RV Storage, MAX Storage, and Storage Bros—a affordable solution for homeowners looking to reclaim their precious real estate. You can store your vehicle with us to keep it from cluttering your property, and make sure your vehicle stays safe and sound until you need it again. Start looking through our available vehicle storage options at the location closest to you!

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RV storage in Nampa ID

What is RV Storage & Why Do You Need It?

Simply put, RV storage is like having your own personal garage away from home—a secure location to keep watch over your prized possessions. It is a specialized storage solution that is created to house your recreational vehicle or other personal vehicle when you are not using it. Our self storage facilities each provide your vehicle with a safe and secure space where it can hibernate during off-season or between your road trips. Read on to see if you can take advantage of a little extra storage space!

The Benefits of Renting RV Storage

Enhanced Security Features

You can count on RV storage facilities to offer top-notch security features, such as 24/7 video surveillance, gated access, and on-site management. That means you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is protected not only from weather but also from vandalism, theft, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Save Space Where You Need It Most

Sure, you could keep your RV parked at your home, but between the amount of space taken up and the impact on your lawn after long-term storage, is it worth it? Taking advantage of an RV storage facility close to your house can free up significant space in your yard. Plus, if your neighborhood or HOA’s has restrictions on parking large vehicles at home, having other means of RV storage can save you the hassle.

Protection from Elements

One of the biggest benefits of RV storage is protection from harsh weather conditions. No matter where you live, leaving your RV exposed to elements such as intense sunlight, heavy rain, or freezing temperatures can cause severe damage over time. Utah and Idaho seasons bring their unique set of challenges to the storage game, but we are well-equipped to safeguard even your largest vehicles. We have locations that offer uncovered options, as well as one (Max Storage) with covered vehicle storage options. Talk to our experts for more information on how you can best protect your vehicle through its time in storage, like finding a cover for long-term care.

Treat Yourself to More Space

Maximizing your space in and around your home can set up to run an organized, efficient household. That’s where RV storage steps in, offering an ideal solution that protects your investment and keeps your property clutter-free. Next time you return from your adventures on the open road, consider treating your RV to its own spot with one of our self storage facilities close to you.

We feature two locations in Idaho: Elite RV Storage in Nampa and Storage Bros in Idaho Falls. Additionally, you can find more RV storage options with our Utah location: MAX Storage in Hurricane. Check out our available storage units and online resources to secure your vehicle storage space.

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